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Six months on and it still feels so raw.. As soon as you experience a death, everyone jumps on you about going for bereavement counselling and you just don’t want to. Why would I want to talk to a stranger who doesn’t know anything about me or does not know my Vince. It’s funny I […]

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The Safe Haven

Hello Beautiful people, Long time! Hope you are all well and keeping safe. Today I want to talk about the one or several places where we feel insanely safe and secure. The Safe Haven. Losing Vince in January and the lockdown happening in March, I was so worried that I was going to be left […]

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Mental Health Awareness Week & Grief

Mental Health Awareness Week Sending you all lots of love and light this week. Let’s be loving and gentle to ourselves and everyone else. Its mental health awareness week so we are going to talk mental health and grief. It is a chance for everyone to be open about their struggles with mental health and […]

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Is time speeding up or is it just me?

Subconsciously, my spirit and mood feels deflated when its approaching the date of each month that Vince has passed. It happens without me actively knowing that it is coming up to the 14th of each month. It has been four months and I honestly do not know where the time has gone, it still feels […]

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Surrounding yourself around the right people.

Hi Beautiful people, I just wanted to touch on the topic of how IMPORTANT it is to have supportive people around you in any situation, not just grief.As we are all aware, we are still very unsure of when we will be out of quarantine. Over the last few weeks I have felt very antisocial […]

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Social Distancing & Grief

Hey beautiful people, I am not sure if it is just me or are you also finding it extremely hard to communicate with loved ones and friends during this lockdown period? I am finding it so hard to even understand how I feel some days let alone explain to others how I feel.There is also […]

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Life Turned Upside Down

Thursday 9th May 2019.The bright and early morning, where the diagnosis of Cancer shattered the day before it could even start. My Fiancé, Vince was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer.From that day forward, things changed drastically and all of our plans got put on hold.I became Vince’s Full-Time Carer and devoted to his every need. A […]

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