Mental Health Awareness Week & Grief

Mental Health Awareness Week

Sending you all lots of love and light this week. Let’s be loving and gentle to ourselves and everyone else.

Its mental health awareness week so we are going to talk mental health and grief.

It is a chance for everyone to be open about their struggles with mental health and to reduce the stigma attached.

With grief, your mental health can be all over the place.

From the low moods to depression to the anxiety.

I did not know what anxiety was until recently, I can become nervous and anxious over everything and anything, I have become very agitated at night and I have problems sleeping.

Since my Fiance passed away, I get around 3 hours sleep a night and can be very active in the day, not really sure how I function but I have accepted that this may be my routine and life now.

It can be very difficult running on this amount.

Sleep is very important but when your mind is running miles, what can we do when all we can think about is the person we love and miss?

I meditate twice a week, and this is the only time I end up falling in a trance for an hour peacefully without jumping up thinking my Fiance is shouting for me or that I have medication to administer.

As we know, grief is different for us all and it is very difficult and stressful.

Bereavement can have a negative impact on our mental health and every person is affected differently with symptoms such as shock, numbness, overwhelming sadness, despair, guilt and anger.

Grief is very normal after bereavement however when it is prolonged in a negative way, some people may develop a mental health problem.

I strongly agree it is very important to have people that you can talk to and when I say talk, I mean PROPERLY TALK.

Family, friends or even counsellors.

If your mental health is drastically declining, please do something about it.

Reach out and get help.

I have spoken with other grievers and have realised that we have another thing in common, people tend to run to us with all their problems and as much as there will be days when we can be so supporting, there’s simply some days we can just about keep ourselves up.

I am sure people do not realise that they are doing it but those “How are you?” conversations where they feel like they need to ask that question to show that they are interested or concerned but really they are about to rant to you about every single thing. Some people still continue even if you tell them that you are not feeling in the best mood or spirit.

Is this being insensitive ?

People may talk on things that may be a trigger for you, but they do it relentlessly without even noticing. Simply they just don’t realise. This can be a very draining interaction that can make you avoid people and not want to talk.

Let’s all try and be understanding and let people to express freely. Something as simple as just listening to someone could be that one small thing that prevented them from committing suicide that day or self harming. You just don’t realise the positive impact it could have.

With time, you begin to ask yourself how you are feeling daily and I find it helps me to journal my feelings and the triggers that may have affected me each day.

As we all know, as soon as we smile, laugh or post a picture. People get into their heads that we are doing so well and are getting on with things when in reality, they don’t know that it took 6 hours to get out of bed and even though we might be smiling, we haven’t been able to stomach any food today.

If it helps you or your mind to post a picture or to smile even though you are breaking inside, do it without a care in the world.

It is a vicious cycle and sadly because we ended up getting out of bed or because our family or friends dragged us out of bed, does not mean that we are ok.

Remember, it is ok to not be ok.

Don’t beat yourself up or try and convince yourself that you must be ok or hide away your feelings or emotions.

With it being Mental Health Awareness Week, I think we should set one small goal for each day of this week and try to achieve it and even if we don’t. We still deserve a pat on the back.

I think we should journal our feelings for the week and detail what we did each day.

Take the week to do all the things you enjoy, even have those days where you do completely nothing.

Mental health matters and so do YOU!

Love always

Kyra xx

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