Life Turned Upside Down

Thursday 9th May 2019.
The bright and early morning, where the diagnosis of Cancer shattered the day before it could even start.

My Fiancé, Vince was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer.
From that day forward, things changed drastically and all of our plans got put on hold.
I became Vince’s Full-Time Carer and devoted to his every need.

A month later, the devastating news was announced that Vince’s cancer was Terminal and Chemotherapy would be used to try and shrink the large tumour he had in his stomach to prolong his life.
Every three weeks, Vince would be plugged into a machine where the drugs would run through into his body via his vein.

Three cycles of chemotherapy later in September 2019, the tumour had grown in size and we were told that no more chemo was going to be given and no other treatment would be given.
Our hearts were shattered but we kept faith that Vince was going to beat this and somehow pull through as anything is possible in life and we resorted to natural remedies.

From September 2019, Vince was admitted to hospital several times due to his constant drop in haemoglobin levels resulting to him needing a high number of blood transfusions.
This continued until the day he passed away.
During his horrible battle of Cancer, he had developed pneumonia and sepsis but fought through and overcame these issues.

For months, Vince spent a lot of time in hospital and this had now become our second home resulting in me sleeping on two chairs pushed together and then onto a mattress on the floor next to his hospital bed.
This was our reality, but we maintained our happiness and faith during this awful and horrendous time.

January 14th, 2020 – The day where Vince sadly passed away and was taken away by the angels.

The day we never expected to come.
The day where Vince was still fighting and holding on strong and his strength was stronger than ever.
The day I lost my soul partner and the love of my life.
The day Vince was no longer in pain and was resting peacefully.

 The Day; Grief began.

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