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Six months on and it still feels so raw.. As soon as you experience a death, everyone jumps on you about going for bereavement counselling and you just don’t want to. Why would I want to talk to a stranger who doesn’t know anything about me or does not know my Vince. It’s funny I […]

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The Safe Haven

Hello Beautiful people, Long time! Hope you are all well and keeping safe. Today I want to talk about the one or several places where we feel insanely safe and secure. The Safe Haven. Losing Vince in January and the lockdown happening in March, I was so worried that I was going to be left […]

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The place you wish you didn’t have to visit – The cemetery.

After your loved one has passed away, it can be incredibly difficult for you to go back to their grave. After my fiancĂ© passed away, I did return and it felt so strange. It was only a few weeks later, that the lockdown was put into place and unnecessary journeys were not permitted. Vince is […]

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